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The game is licensed by the state gaming commission and is completely a game of chance. Cards from an ordinary deck of 52 are assigned dollar values, e.g. a seven of any suit was worth $75. The playing cards are placed inside sealed numbered envelopes that are then placed behind a locked glass case. Each week, players — who must be Moose members— buy raffle tickets to win a chance to pick a numbered envelope. One ticket is drawn from a spinning raffle drum and the holder of the ticket drawn gets to pick an envelope by number. If the envelope contains the Queen of Hearts, the player wins the jackpot.



1. Search For The Queen Of Hearts is an approved weekly progressive raffle governed by the Games Of Chance Licensing Law and Sections 5620.22 and 5620.23 of the Board’s Rules and Regulations.

2. To begin, 54 playing cards including two jokers are placed in sealed envelopes, face down on a mounting board purchased from a certified gaming vendor; the envelopes are numbered one (1) through fifty four (54). The game board will be displayed in the Social Quarters, with the QUEEN OF HEARTS as the “Jackpot Card”.

3. Any good standing member of the Moose or Women of the Moose is eligible to play.

4. Tickets are $10 for three chances  with no limit on the number of tickets purchased. Tickets can be purchased immediately after the drawing up to the time of the next drawing. There can be only one name per ticket. Write your name and the number of the available card you’re requesting (in case you’re not present; otherwise, a card will be selected for you) legibly on the back of the ticket and return it to the bartender. Do not write nicknames or abbreviations.

5. Drawing will be each Friday (unless otherwise posted) at 9:00 PM. One ticket is drawn each week from all tickets sold that week to determine who wins the opportunity to “Search for the Queen of Hearts” playing card. Ticket holder need not be present to win. Queen of Hearts chairperson will ask a volunteer to turn over a card on your behalf if you did not identify which number card you requested, or if the number you requested was previously selected. If the game proceeds to week 26, we will again draw 3 tickets. Then resume drawing 1 ticket a week until the Queen of Hearts is found. Remember that there is a new drawing every week. This means that after the drawing, the non-winning tickets are thrown away. As the weeks go by, the pot grows bigger and bigger. Also, there will be less and less cards to choose from which increases the odds of finding the Queen of Hearts.

6. The prize pool will begin at $2000. The total prize pool will continue to accumulate weekly (after the initial $2000 is recouped) until the QUEEN OF HEARTS is drawn. The jackpot amount, based on ticket sales, will be updated daily and prominently displayed in the Social Quarters.

7. If your name is drawn, you choose a card. Each winner shall select one facedown playing card; if that playing card is the Queen of Hearts the holder of the winning raffle ticket shall be awarded 60% (40% if NOT Present) of the Grand Prize Pool up to $50,000 as defined by the NYS Racing and Wagering Board. 40% of the winning jackpot amount will go to the Moose Family Fraternity, Patchogue Lodge 518. If the QUEEN OF HEARTS is not drawn the winning payouts are the following:
All cards 2-10, Any Suit = Wins $10
All Face Cards except the Queens = Wins $10 + One Dinner or Breakfast Voucher
Any Ace = Wins $20
Each Joker = Wins $50
All Queens, other than the Queen of Hearts = $100
Queen of Hearts = 60% (40% NOT Present) of Grand Prize Pool up to $50,000.
Jackpot will be calculated prior to the Drawing and adjusted after the Drawing to account for prizes awarded during weekly play.

If a person is not present, they can designate a card number on their ticket or a card will be drawn randomly.

8. Once a card is selected, it will be removed from play by drawing a diagonal line on the card’s face and placing the card face up on the board. Each week after the drawing, all tickets for that week’s drawing will be destroyed.

9. All winning players are responsible for any and all taxes. A W2-G will be issued for prizes over $600. NO prize over $600 will paid until the W2-G information is completely filled out. If a player is unwilling or unable to provide W2-G information, the prize will revert to the club.


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